Now you can call up to 50 people at once with Skype


Microsoft is planning to double it’s participant(member) in skype group call which was previously 25.Now 50 people at the same time can talk with each other at the same time through skype group call.

With this update, Skype is also enabling the audio and video buttons in larger groups to let users easily mute their microphones or turn their webcams on or off as per their convenience, Engadget reported on Friday.

When you make a group call it will not ring all the member instead it sends a notification. It’s a good thing since it will not interrupt those who don’t want to join the call.

These features have been made available for beta testers in every platform like windows,android,ios,etc.So if you want to get early acess of this update than simply sign up for beta tester.But don’t worry it will be soon avialble for all.

Early march skype came with some new features feature like

  • HD video calling
  • Call recording
  • Notifications panel
  • Find within conversations
  • Chat Media Gallery

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