How to install the Android Q beta on your Android device


Google has finally unveiled the Beta version of Android Q. Its first developer preview is available to download and install for pixel devices.

You need to have second thought before installing it in your personal phone since these are developers preview which are espcially intended for developers.Previous versions like Android 9 pie and Android 8 oreo took some month of time to become stable enough for day to day usage.

Google is rolling out these versions firstly to its own mobile brand Pixel. You need to have Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 2, or Pixel device to download the latest software. The installation process is pretty simple.

But if you run into an error or any issues you need to again go back to Android 9 pie or other stable versions.

Now lets start our process to get Android Q on our pixel phone

Backup Your Device

It’s very important that we back up our device before starting the process. If you are confused how to back don’t worry just open up your settings, navigate to System, and once you click through, hit Backup. Then one screen will pop showing details regarding when you last backed up your data & you can too back up important files or document in your Google will be happy to know that it will back up your most of the data including apps,call history, SMS texts, photos and videos, and much more.

There are two methods to install Android Q on your pixle device.First method is recommend to all but you can choose second method if you are Developer or like challenges in life

1.Enroll to Beta

If you are pixel phone owner then you can enroll to Beta simply by logging in with a Google account. Once you click on Enroll you’ll finally get an update notification on the enrolled device that a system update is ready. Sometimes you need to wait a bit more to fetch the update data. Google says it could take around 24 hours or more, but we have to rarely wait that long. After your device fetches up the data it will ask you to update. Then after installing it, you will get Android Q on your device.

2.Flashing the Android Q Beta

Google has provided a list of images for it’s supported devices.You can simply flash the image intended for your device and get the Android Q on your device.I again want to tell you that if you don’t want any complication than you are better to go with the first method.Bad thing is that you will miss on air update of latest versions if you go through this method.


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