How To Activate Dark Mode In Your Facebook Messenger


Facebook have recently rolled out a lots of new updates`.Among them one of it is dark mode on Faceook mesasenger.This feature is hidden in your messengere.In this post i wil show in detail how you can get that dark mode in your messenger .

Make sure you have updated your Messenger app to the latest version. If are the android user you can do it through Google play store or if youuse Ios youpdate your app through App Store

Now let’s go to steps to be followed

  1. Open Messenger app on any of your device
  2. Then open any of your contacts & click on emoji icon
  3. Scroll & Find out crescent moon emoji🌙
  4. Then send emoji to any of your contacts.
  5. Then after you can see the shower of the moon. After that, it will show you pop up written: “You have found Dark mode.”
  6. You can simply turn it over there
  7. sers can tap on the profile picture to open Settings where you will find a toggle to turn off or on the Dark mode


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