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There are a bunch of free VPN apps online available in the play store which apparently seems to be serving you well to load the website which is country restricted or just to change your location. But on your back, it might be playing a big game. You might be shocked to hear that around 84% free VPN online apps on play store were found to be leaking user data and while the rest of them were found to have Malware on them. But it pretty much makes sense since they need money to set up servers and since we have not paid them so they earn by selling our data.

But there are are some best free VPN online apps on the market which seems to be pretty good and that I personally trust.

1.Opera Browser

Previously opera used to have their own standalone separate free VPN online app but they stopped it from last year. But opera came up with a browser with VPN integrated on it. Its beta update has been just released. This service serves you pretty well but it comes with one disadvantage that the VPN is active inside the browser only. So this VPN works only inside this browser but don’t worry if you want a free VPN to work for all your apps since our second app I will be talking will fulfill your needs.

2.Cloudflare DNS

If you want a free VPN app that doesn’t slow down your Internet speed than Cloudflare DNS can serve you well. Actually, we can’t refer it as a normal VPN app instead it is DNS service but it works the same. Just download the app from the play store and click on connect. Then it will encrypt the DNS queries of your ISP with Cloudflare DNS which is Now you ready to browse privately. Now it will bypass country censorship and even your ISP won’t be able to see what you are browsing.

These are the free VPN apps online I personally trust. But if you need additional features and better speed than you are good to go with paid services.

If you want to know more regarding other free VPN apps then please check out this Tech wiser’s video.

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